• First, head over to Create Your Portrait to pick out your background and upload the photos of your pet.
  • Each Custom Portrait is for a Digital Print. If you'd like a Physical version, you can head to Custom Prints to find all of the different options you can have your Portrait printed on.
  • Once you've purchased a Custom Portrait, you'll receive a high resolution Digital Print that you can print at home or locally.
  • When you purchase a Custom Portrait, you'll receive a digital proof within 5-7 days.
  • You'll be able to revise your Portrait until you reach something that you're happy with.


    • For the head photo, choose a photo that shows the pet's full head and ears, as well as some of their neck. It helps if their head is upright, rather than leaning against anything.
    • For the body photo, be sure to use a photo that is taken from the front or the side, rather than above. That will compose better into the portrait.
    • Choose photos where your pet is crisp and in focus. It helps to zoom in on the picture to double check. 
    • Make sure that the pet is well lit. Dark photos often end up flat and can lose  much of their detail
    • Avoid photos where the view of your pet is partially obstructed or chopped off in the image. My computer magic can only fix so much. 
    • You can send additional images to